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EEF Commercial Power Saving Units

Greener Tomorrow Now is a distributor of the EEF Power Saver Units for commercial applications.

The basic principle behind these units is as follows:

  • Inductive loads such as electric motors, pumps and compressors kick back unusable energy into the power system
  • This unusable energy materializes as heat build-up in appliances, noise on transistor radios and cordless phones, etc
  • The power save units contain energy saving capacitors that absorb this unusable energy and recycle it as usable electricity that can be used by electrical appliances, thereby reducing the energy demand from the power company
  • This process can reduce your usage and therefore your electrical bill by as much as 25%*.

How much does a typical EEF unit cost?

  • The price depends upon the application and load of the project. Standard applications are usually single phase - 200 AMP electrical services and cost about $399.95, plus shipping of $20 and local sales taxes.
  • Some commercial applications require 3 phase applications and larger amperage. Prices are determined by wattage and amperage requirements.

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In additon to EEF units we also provide energy efficient lighting products.

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