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Energy Efficiency Lighting

Greener Tomorrow Now is a distributor of the high quality energy efficient LED lighting products for commercial use.

Beginning on January 1, 2012 standard fluorescent and incandescent lighting will no longer be available. Because of a mandate by federal law, all bulbs will have to meet strict energy efficiency standards, which conventional bulbs do no meet.

In an effort to assist our commercial customers meet these standards in their commercial buildings, we have partnered with a leader in energy efficient LED lighting to provide standard and fluorescent bulb LED replacements that meet or exceed federal requirements. In addition, these bulbs are completely tax deductible and in fact qualify as energy saving devices under IRS rules. We chose LED bulbs instead of CFL bulbs because of the harmful emissions and mercury contained in CFL bulbs. You can see some research shown on YouTube about CFL bulbs.

In fact, under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 you are allowed an energy-efficient commercial building tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot to be deducted from your income tax for installing energy efficient systems.

How Much Can I Save?

According to statistics, lighting represents about 40% - 50% of the energy consumption in a typical commercial environment. By installing energy efficient LED lighting which uses about 20% the energy of conventional bulbs, you could see a 30% - 40% reduction** in your overall electric consumption.

If you add these savings to the fully amortized cost in the first year and the $0.60 per square foot tax deduction allowed by IRS rules*, these lighting system changes more that pay for themselves and continue to save you for many years to come.

Another residual effect of replacing your conventional bulbs with LED is the fact that these bulbs last 20 - 30 times longer saving you on maintenance costs and their heat production is almost non-existent, saving you on HVAC costs to remove the heat generated by lighting.

What Is the Cost Of Replacement?

Costs of replacement very depending upon the application, number of replacement bulbs and type. In most cases the cost of replacement can be overcome in as little as 1 year. After that you reap the savings benefits for 20+ years.


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* Refer to the Commercial Lighting Tax Deduction web site for more information.

**Actual results may vary.

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