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EEF Power Devices

EEF Power Factor Devices are comprised of a series of capacitors. These capacitors work like a sponge, to collect unused electricity that would otherwise be returned to the source, or electric company. Although this is unused you still are being charged for it.

The EEF Unit works by storing electricity, then releasing the unused electric when the demand is required by a motor, or induction load, thus increasing the efficiency at which you are using electricity. Therefore, by increasing the efficiency at which you use electricity, it lowers the cost that you pay for your electric. ( Power Factor is the rating the electric or utility company gives you based on the efficiency at which you use the electric provided to your home or business.

Does the EEF Power Factor Device actually save you money? The answer to that question is absolutely YES without a doubt. Most utility companies impose a penalty for a low power factor rating. EEF units improve this rating therefore reducing your utility bill. The EEF correction units also lower the amperage at which motors operate, so the lower the amperage the lower the consumption, resulting in lower electric bills.

Can you install the EEF Device yourself? Yes, but it is recommended that you have a qualified, licensed electrician install these units. The reason for this is they need to be installed in your main electrical panel on separate circuits. Also, any electrical device including the EEF Power Factor Correction Device should be installed per NEC regulations.(National Electrical Code)

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