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Force Fuel Conditioner
For Earth Force Fuel Conditioner (Force) is a product that gives people the opportunity to save up to 19% on their gas, diesel and fuel costs*, reduce the maintenance cycles and, more importantly, dramatically reduce harmful emissions produced by internal combustion engines by a much as 30%. In fact these products work in any internal combustion engine and according to the EPS are non-toxic and non-hazardous.
Force Fuel Conditioner

How the products work?

  • Force reformulates any fuel, causing two important benefits. The first benefit is the added lubricity to the engine. The second is adding cleansing properties to the fuel. All of the internal components benefit from the cleansing and lubricating action including the fuel lines, filters, carburetors, spark plugs and injectors.
  • By utilizing cleaning and lubricating esters suspended in a mineral oil base, Force increase fuel economy and reduce emissions. Commercial fleets on average increase fuel mileage between 7% and 19% and reduce emissions by more than 30%. When added to fuel, Force reduce the emissions of hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM) and other harmful products of combustion.
  • Force removes carbon deposits that cause fuel to combust incompletely, resulting in wasted fuel that creates toxic emissions. The combination of cleaning and lubricating esters stabilize the fuel without changing its specifications.
  • EPA registered additives are derived from petroleum. Both are reformulators, even though you “add them” to the fuel. Force is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Force cleans and lubricates the internal parts of the engine without the use of petroleum derived products commonly found in fuel additives. It also allows the engine to burn fuel more efficiently thereby, reducing emissions.

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