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Greener Tomorrow Now Customer Testimonials
EEF Energy Saving Units are products that gives people the opportunity to save up to 30% on their electrical usage and, more importantly, dramatically reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions produced by the generation of electricity. In fact the product works in any residential or commercial environment where there is a large inductive motor load. If you have a large number of AC units, ceiling fans, heat pumps, blower motors, dish washers, or any motor driven appliance, you will see a reduction in you electrical consumption. There are a few comments made by people who use the EEF units and what their individual results were:
  • Kyle from Houston, TX said "I install my unit and checked the KW hour usage on my home then waited 2 days and read my meter again to get a usage reading. I then turned the unit on for 2 days and retested again. There was a 21% reduction in my KW hour usage. I then did the same test 2 more times and got similar results. I am convinced that the unit reduces my KW hour usage and thus is reducing my electrical consumption."
  • David from Southeast, FL said "The power consumption in my home has been drastically reduced since installing the unit. My last three bills were down from an average of $130 per month to $93, $73,and $77 for FEB 08 MAR 08 and APRIL 08 and is currently on schedule for about $77 for the current month half way thru the month of May. I installed the unit in Feb. 08. My home is over 30 years old and has a three year old A/C compressor and a 7 year old heating unit. I have several neighbors who have decided to put one on their house after hearing my results. I am anxious to see what savings they will get also!"
  • Bill from Carrollton, TX said "My daughter and I have two homes for the elderly which were built only two years apart. Although they are approximately the same square footage the electricity cost was approximately $450 or more per month in our newer home. I tried to get Wisconsin Public Service to do an audit, but they refused. When we were presented with the KVAR option, I felt we had nothing to lose. Since the unit was installed, we saved more than the cost of the unit in the first few months. We felt the savings to be substantial enough to install another unit in our first home and see what our savings will be."
  • Mark form Palm Plaza said "I am extremely satisfied with the results from your energy saver. I appreciate your concern with how the units have been working and monitoring its working ability.

    Our electric consumption speaks for itself. We have been saving 15% on our three main A/C units which are five tons each. During the spring, summer and fall these units run 12 to 18 hours a day. On our pool pumps (4 at one horsepower each) we are saving 10% in electricity. That 10% saving occurs 24 hours a day.

    In addition it’s comforting to have surge protection on these expensive compressors and motors.

    Thank you for introducing us to your product and I would recommend this device to anyone concerned with saving money on their electric bill"
Force Fuel Conditioner (Force) is a product that gives people the opportunity to save up to 19% on their gas, diesel and fuel costs*, reduce the maintenance cycles and, more importantly, dramatically reduce harmful emissions produced by internal combustion engines by a much as 30%. In fact these products work in any internal combustion engine and according to the EPS are non-toxic and non-hazardous. There are a few comments made by people who use Force and what their individual results were:
  • Greg from Dallas, TX said "I have actually used this product and was suprised of the results. I have 245,000 miles on my Yukon and was getting around 340 Miles on a tank of gas. After using this product once, I increase my miles to around 400, and was getting almost 20 MPG on the highway."
  • Raymond from Spokane, WA said "I am using the product in three of my vechicles one of which is a collector vechicle and am very impressed."
  • Thomas from Viola, IL said "i have been using product (2 mercedes 1995 e420 - 2001 e320 -1991 BMW motorcycle Honda lawn mower toro snow blower etc.) with so far excellent results - My goal is longevity rather than mileage only -four yeas ago original plan is buy quality high mileage vehicles at a low cost then fix when needed see what happens. The additive was used to enhance tune ups and engine life up 500,000 or more if possible - right now both mercedes are averaging in the high 20s in gas mileage - the 2001 (245K miles) has hit 30 plus on long trips - the motorcycle (150K +) has a broken gages so have to go by fill ups but is probably in the 50 miles/ gal range - two years into seriously using the product my cars right now are running as if new - at start up all the choke settings work properly and quieter - they are dependable in the winter (the 95 e420 (120K) would miss and choke out when cold also had a high speed miss)."
  • Philippe from Newport, NH said "I already know it works. I have a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis and I get great mileage".

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